Tournament Vending and Fundraising Events

Tournament Vending

If your club or organization is hosting a soccer tournament or any other event then please call/or email us, and we will setup a vending tent at your fields or facility.

We vend at tournaments all year round in Pennsylvania (indoor or outdoor), and are always looking to work with new clubs or events/facility organizations.

Our tournament vending team will bring a large assortment of products such as trading cards, player figurines, string balls, crazy socks, patch rings and prewrap, and standard items like shin guards and balls & replica jerseys. So if a player forgets his or her guards or just wants to shop for some fun stuff, we got them covered. Our fun, colorful, and wide selection of all things soccer adds to your whole tournament experience!

We will donate a percentage of the sales to the club or organization.


If you are planning to raise funds for your team or any other event/function then call or email us, and we will provide you with various options.

For example: we can host an in store Team or Club Nights.

How it works
Talk to our Fundraising representative to setup dates and times
Announce the dates and times to your team(s) or entire club
Team or club player/parents/guardians/grandparents shop at the store
For each team or entire club, we will donate 10% of total sales back in the form of your choice i.e., gift certificates to hand out to teams/club members OR a store credit to be used toward team/club purchases.

For a successful fundraising
Help us get the word out to all of your club members and friends of the club.
Tell your coaches to inform their players, post a blurb on your website, bring it up at your board meeting, send an email out to everyone and anything else you can think of.
The more people that shop at the store that night, the more money you'll get back!
If your members are going to buy items they need anyway, tell them to shop on the designated team/club night and get rewarded for it.
We'll post signs in our store and on our website as well!

Call us at 610 326 3080 to schedule your team fundraising night!.